Tuesday 15 October 2013

Make the logo BOOBER

Here's another illustration of how valuable (and powerful) developing and owning market- based assets is. Branding yo!

The Bonds font and broken underline are distinctly Bonds. They own them. So developed are they in our minds that we immediately know this is a bonds ad.

We need to aim for this with every brand we touch.

I don't think it even matters what the campaign is. If it turns out these ads are 'just' ads - that's perfectly okay.

They're memorable - Boobs all over the city! They're likeable - They make you smile when you see them. And they're ownable - Bonds make bras and the ads use the typeface and Bonds underline.

The Bonds brand is refreshed in your mind in a relevant way. Job done.

For another example of the power of branding go here: Make the logo bigger

By Christopher Ott

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